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Marketing Webinar To Watch Before Your Next Trade Show

Earlier last year we visited the 23rd Tokyo International Book Fair. One of the most interesting exhibitors we met, a marcom company, was also one of the most difficult to pick out of a crowd. They had a corner booth which could be seen from almost 180 degrees; however, there were no floor signs and all the literature and wall posters were visible from just one direction. On account of a lack of signage and poor layout, we had no indication of who the exhibitor was or what he did until we shook hands.

This is a bit of an extreme example, but proper trade show marketing can be complex. Consultant and marketing expert, Ruth Stevens, gives an excellent talk on this subject in a webinar put on by Business Outfitters.

Of particular interest is the part on booth design, which is a huge part of trade show marketing. As Stevens points out, signage often fails to convey something very basic — what the exhibitor does. It is also interesting that some exhibitors might want to restrict visitors, so to keep their competition away from sensitive information.

This is a great watch, even if just to get the basics prior to your next trade show.

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